What We Do

Overseas Educational Consultancy

Comprehensive Tailored Services for Study Abroad Success

Experience a hassle-free study abroad journey with World Wide Education. Our expert team provides personalized guidance, visa assistance, and travel planning services to help you achieve your academic goals. From study visa counseling to admission processes and student essential services, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Professional Study Abroad Counseling and Guidance

Our experienced counselors offer personalized guidance tailored to your needs. We assist you in identifying potential schools and universities, help with application submission, and provide support in crafting a compelling Statement of Purpose (SOP). We also guide you through language tests, scholarship applications, offer letters, and visa procedures.

Study Visa Assistance

Our Visa experts offer comprehensive guidance and end-to-end services for study visa applications. We understand the complexities involved and aim to make the process smooth and efficient. We assist in preparing and verifying visa documents, guide you through the application process for various study destinations. With our up-to-date knowledge of immigration rules and regulations, we strive for a successful visa outcome. With our assistance, you can save valuable time and make informed decisions about your future.

Admission Assistance

We understand that the admission process can be overwhelming. Our team will guide you through the entire process, from profile evaluation to course and university shortlisting. We provide support in submitting your applications, preparing the necessary documentation, and ensuring a smooth admission application process.

IELTS & PTE Language Training

Achieving the required language proficiency is crucial for studying abroad. At World Wide Education, we are committed to providing the best training for IELTS and PTE exams. Our highly qualified and experienced training partners, who hold esteemed educational qualifications in English, will help you excel in these tests.

Other Student Essential Services

World Wide Edukation, in partnership with reputable financial institutions across India, offers assured, simplified, and one-stop solutions for education loans. Our process is convenient and straightforward, as we aim to make your journey toward a better future more accessible and manageable.

Paying tuition fees, living expenses, and other essentials should be convenient and secure. At World Wide Education, we guide secure money transfer services through authorized FOREX with the best exchange rate. With competitive foreign exchange rates and no fees, you can confidently manage your financial transactions without any worries.

Student health cover is more than just a visa requirement. It provides essential medical and hospital care coverage, safeguarding your well-being while studying abroad. Let World Wide Edukation assist you in making the right choice for your health, ensuring you have the appropriate coverage during your international education journey.

We understand the importance of seamless travel and comfortable accommodation. Our comprehensive assistance includes flight bookings, itinerary management, airport pick-up services, guidance in finding suitable accommodation, and assistance with travel insurance. We ensure that your travel and stay are hassle-free.

If you are seeking a spouse visa to join your partner studying/working abroad, we provide all the necessary details and guidance. Our dedicated team will support you throughout the process, ensuring a seamless transition for you and your spouse.

Have you faced visa rejection in the past or want to renew? Don’t worry, our team of experts with extensive knowledge can guide you in reapplying for a visa and obtaining the necessary approvals. With the guidance of experienced officers, we diligently prepare your new visa file to enhance your chances of success.

Our Specialized Services

Have you faced rejection from a university in the past? No need to worry! We are here to enhance the changes of securing admission successfully.

If you receive a refusal letter or a letter of concern, we provide guidance and support in formulating effective responses to address the issues raised.

Consultants, agents, and sub-agents can benefit from our expertise and knowledge by utilizing our services for lodging various visa categories. With a nominal processing fee, we assist in converting previous visa rejections into approvals.