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When you choose to study abroad, expenses go beyond tuition fees. From the cost of living to textbooks, there are many factors to consider.

At World Wide Edukation, we offer study abroad loans that cover all your education-related expenses. Whether it’s course fees, travel, books, or learning devices, our loans have you covered. We provide options for both collateral and non-collateral loans, ensuring your financial needs are met.

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Student Testimonials

Jude Prakash
World wide edukation gives me a lots of ideas and gives me a more positive confidence for my future career and all the staffs are so friendly with me and help me a lot thank you so much world wide edukation Exodus overseas Chennai.
Terrance Motha
Worldwide Edukation - Chennai is a highly recommended. A big applause and thank you to Murali as well as assisted by Jeni and Priya. They are very professional, friendly, helpful and no matter how many times I needed a clarification or assistance they were always there to assist me. They have relived us from all the stress of tedious processing, they have assisted and guided me more than I expected. Definitely the place that I recommend everyone to go to and you will not be disappointed. Wish you all the very best WORLDWIDE EDUKATION!!!
Vinitha Kumari
I had a very positive experience working with World Wide Edukation. They provided me with all the necessary information and support to ensure that my transition to a foreign country was smooth and successful. They handled all the paperwork and legal requirements for my visa and permits, and provided me with helpful advices. The staff were friendly and accommodating, and I felt confident that I was in the right hands. I highly recommend this World Wide Edukation for anyone looking for help with any overseas travel. A special thanks to Murali Sir and his team.
Waseem Feroz
The ideal place to go when you want to study abroad is World Wide Edukation. Your journey will be supported and guided by Mr. Murali sir. I really appreciate Mr. Murali Sir for assisting and supporting me along the journey and making my aspirations come true. He has our sincere gratitude from my parent’s end for his tireless efforts. I would also like to thank his other team members Ms. Jenisha, Ms. Priya, and Mr. Ekabaram for their persistence in guiding me throughout the process. Most reliable consulting firm. No unforeseen fees, they perform all the tasks for no fee. So, I strongly recommend you all to visit World Wide Edukation in Kilpauk Chennai, to receive the greatest advice, support and consultation for studying overseas.
Swetha Sri
Very happy for the process of my abroad study . All the staffs are friendly .
Vini Theres
Firstly I want to thank the team for the opportunity to review their work. Worldwide Edukation,Chennai is been of a great help to me in making my dream of studying in New Zealand a success. Mr. Murali guided me in a better path throughout the process begining from PTE till Visa. Even whenever I go wrong or don't understand certain things he used to be very patient and concerned in directing me with alternatives. The words "Don't worry, I shall take care of it" have always been great words of support and encouragement. I remember only once during the whole process me and my mother went to his office in person, everything else was so well coordinated through emails and phone calls. All that was expected from me was to co-operate and do as directed. All other members Ms Jenisha, Ms Priya, Mr Ekabaram are also to be mentioned for their patience in following up with me until I complete the given task. Now I am in Auckland doing good. Thanks a lot Worldwide Edukation.
Belinda Jaqops
Worldwide Edukation is the one stop if you want to pursue your studies abroad. I have known Mr. Murali since 2020 and he is an Expert in this area and gives you step by step guidance to choose the college, course, country and also provides his best expert advice and assistance on financial planning for availing student loan. Specifically in my case, he personally visited the bank a few times to make sure my education loan is sanctioned on time. Also Mr. Murali has an amazing team to provide assistance on documentation and follow up. I can very well say that Worldwide Edukation is really a trustworthy place.
Steve Aylmer
The entire process, from applying to multiple universities, Student loan to obtaining my visa, was smooth and hassle-free. Huge thanks to Murali Sir and Priya Ma’am for their continued guidance and helping me throughout the smallest of things. I personally think it wouldn’t have been possible without them. My overall experience with World Wide Edukation Chennai was really good and I strongly recommend it to all students going on to study abroad.
Zoie Gonsalvez
World Wide Edukation is the best place to go to when you want to study abroad. Mr.Murali sir and Priya ma’am will support u and guide you all throughout your way. They will never give up when things go wrong and they will always find the best Solution. I thank you Murali Sir and Priya ma’am for making my dreams come true and helping and supporting me throughout my way. I highly recommend you all to go to World Wide Edukation, Kilpauk,Chennai to get the best consultation ,help, support and guidance to study abroad.

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